Effects of Impeller Rotation Speed on the Dual Channel Current Power Generation Equipment

Jun-Jie Tong, Yun-Hui Fang, Xiao-Qian Ma


A two-way current was transformed into single direction rotation of the impeller for the development of the dual channel current power generation equipment. Based on the channel structure, the FLUENT 6.3 software is complemented with MRF model by two-dimensional numerical calculating. On 10-90 cases, different rotation angles are studied by analyzing velocity and pressure inside the dual channel current power generation equipment. The effects of rotation angels and rotation speed on performance parameters of fluid flow and output power are also studied for the dual channels equipment. The numerical results show that during the parameters change cycle, with the increase of rotational angles, the flow fluid and output power of the power generation equipment first increase and then decrease. The fluid fluent is larger for small rotation speed at the same rotation angle when the impeller rotation angle is between 30 and 50 degrees. With the increase of impeller rotation speed, the fluid fluent and output power increase at the same impeller rotation angle when it is greater than 60 degrees.

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