Numerical Modelling of Large Scale Triaxial Tests Utilizing Weighted Average Assembling Method Based on DEM

Xiaojun Che, Zhida Li, Xiedong Zhang, Zhihua Zhang, Shi Sun


A three-dimensional triaxial test model utilizing the discrete element method with PFC is conducted based on the laboratory results. An efficient assembling method of the weighted average generation and micro analysis of rotational particle field are proposed to analyze micro-mechanical properties of the shear zone in the assembly, and measurement spheres have been inserted to calibrate the shear surface in numerical model. It is novel that the simple assembling method for large scale triaxial numerical simulations is proposed and would be used in the other large engineerings. The research shows that it is effective in improving the simulation efficiency by using weighted average particle generate method to assemble the numerical sample; The proposed method of rotational particle field can be beneficial to analyze the micro-mechanical properties of the three-dimensional model, and the macro mechanical properties of internal mechanism in shear zone can be better revealed by combining particle displacement field with rotational particle field; The shear zone calibrated by measurement spheres is almost in accordance with that of rotational particle field.

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