The Optimization of Multi-strain Fermentation Conditions for a High-HX Esterifying Broth and Its Application in CSFL Production

Zhengkai Xue, Yuan Xue, Cheng Ling


In order to increase the content of ethyl caproate (EC),which is the most important flavor component for the typical features of Chinese Strong-flavor Liquor (CSFL), the mixed -fermentation conditions of three microorganisms which could produce the EC precursor of hexanoic acid (HX) were optimized by uniform design and multi-factor interaction regression methodology in DPS data processing system. The results demonstrated that the trial data from this test fit the optimization model significantly,and the best optimized formula and temperature for the high-HX esterifying liquor were as follows: glucose 120 (g/L),yeast extracts 19 (g/L),MgCl2 1 (g/L),sodium acetate  27.5 (g/L),K2HPO4 1 (g/L) and 28 ℃. The optimized fermentation conditions were utilized to increase the production of HX esterifying liquid and the results of filling pit experiments by the esterifying liquid showed that the contents of EC and HX in distilled liquor in experimental group reached 622.37±35.74 and 416.26±18.91(mg/100mL) which represented 308.6%  and 197.24%  higher than that of the control group.

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