A Novel Multiprocessor Real-time Scheduling Algorithm for Flight Simulation System

Shupeng Zheng, Yong Du, Wei Wang, Jingfeng He, Jiaxin Yu


It is crucial importance to meet the rigorous timing constraints of real-time tasks in flight simulation system. This paper proposed a novel multiprocessor real-time scheduling algorithm for hybrid scheduling periodic and sporadic tasks through the comprehensive design of feasibility test, circular processor allocation buffer and runtime scheduler. The feasibility test uses the parallelism in periodic tasks and creates the offline periodic task scheduling table based on heuristic search. The circular processor allocation buffer preserves processor allocation information for each periodic task to resolve problem of runtime anomaly. During runtime, the runtime scheduler schedules accepted periodic tasks with dynamically arriving sporadic tasks. The effectiveness and performance of the proposed algorithm were verified by simulation and application experiments. Results showed that the scheduling success ratio of the proposed algorithm was higher than traditional algorithm under four different task parameters. Meanwhile, the scheduling overhead met consistency requirements for response time in flight simulation system.

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