Thermal Cycling Behavior of Mg-4%Sn-2.5%Pb Alloy

Jinhui Wang, Jun Duo, Yanlin Ding, Binbin Tang


In the thermal cycle processing of Mg-4%Sn-2.5%Pb alloy, the hysteresis loop of first time was much narrower than the later and hysteresis loops of the later showed good repeatability. Microstructure of the material changed the largest and dimensional stability of the material is the best after the first thermal cycle. The precipitated phase Mg2Sn increased significantly after thermal cycle processing. Mg2Sn phase precipitated to the grain boundary in the warming stage and to the grain interior in the cooling stage. The rate of precipitation in the warming stage was faster than the rate of diffusion in the cooling stage. The rate of Mg2Sn phase precipitated in the grain boundary and diffused in the grain interior were fast. And founding that precipitation and stability of the material had a direct relationship. The more precipitated phase,the smaller coefficient of the thermal expansion.

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