Experimental Research on Statics Performance of Polyurethane Honeycomb Paperboard and Relevant Numerical Simulation

Yong Zhang, Xiao-Hui Wang, Yan-Hua Guo


In the modern warfare, disaster relief and emergency rescue, aerial delivery has played a more and more important role, and it has gradually become a significant method of transporting troops and supplying goods and materials. In order to lower the impact acceleration produced when airdropped goods lands and absorb the dropping kinetic energy, the soft-landing buffer or vibration attenuation & shock resistance measures should be adopted for landing of the airdropped load. In this study, polyurethane was filled in the pores of honeycomb paperboard to obtain the composite materials of polyurethane honeycomb paperboard, on which the static compression test was carried out to evaluate the statics performance of the material. Some factors affecting the composite material were analyzed to find out the inherent law that those factors produce effects on the static cushioning performance of the composite material. The experimental result was further verified through numerical simulation. The result showed that, the elastic limit of the composite material is increased several times, and the compressive strength and the yield strength of the composite material decrease with the increase of the honeycomb size; while they were slightly raised with the increase of the thickness of the paperboard. The study can meet the demand of the energy absorption of the airdropped load.

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