Approach of Feed Back Indirect Vector Control for Induction Motor with Inertia Regulator

Daqing He, Xuande Ji


An approach of indirect vector control for induction motor with inertia regulator was presented in this paper in order to improve the effect of too slow rotor flux and torque’s dynamic response on the dynamic performance of the system. The dynamic response of the rotor flux and torque was accelerated by using the inertia regulator instead of the inherent inertia link in the approach, and the rotor flux and torque were kept constant, thus the dynamic response of speed was accelerated, and then the dynamic performance of the system was improved. In order to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the approach, two kinds of system simulation model based on the original approach and the improved approach were constructed by using MATLAB, and the simulation was carried out. The simulation results showed that the approach is used to obtain excellent dynamic performance of the system by changing the inertia time constant of the inertial regulator flexibly.

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