Study on the Damage Characteristics and Applied Control of Residual Rock Fracture Affected by Water Trickling after Mining

Changqing Ma, Wenbin Sun


In this paper, the detection and control technology of the residual rock fracture caused by mining is studied. The fractures development characteristics of the residual overlying rock mass influenced by strong water trickling roof were detected by using the borehole peep instrument. Furthermore, the damage condition of rock mass and fracture development law are analyzed. Then the residual rock fractures influenced by strong water trickling roadway are divided into three zones, and the lower fracture zone is relatively notable with broken rock. Therefore, the combination of anchor bolt and cable supporting scheme is proposed, and further investigation is carried out to determine the effective control of residual rock fracture development. The research is based on the field detection and data analysis, obtaining the development characteristics of residual rock fractured , and the effects of control plan are verified. It will provide a theoretical basis for the support of the water trickling roadway, and play a certain role in promoting environmental protection.

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