Removal of Cd, Cs and As (V) Ions in Water by Ceramic Foam Loaded by Prussian Blue Analogue

Peisheng Liu, Yijiao Guo, Guang Cui, Jinghe Chen, Wei Cheng


The natural zeolite powder has been used as the primary raw material to make a sort of porous ceramic foam, which is of reticular structure with millimeter-scaled pores. After desilicating this foam, an Al-Fe type Prussian blue analogue (PBA) with a strong function of ion exchange was loaded on the ceramic surface by directly yielding. The resultant PBA-loaded porous samples were examined to adsorb the harmful species in water, and the adsorption efficiencies were investigated for some typical harmful ions, i.e., Cd2+, Cs+ and As (V). A good adsorption performance was found for the PBA-loaded porous samples.

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