Photocatalytic Degradation of a Chemical Industry Wastewater: Search for Higher Efficiency

Reza Sarkhanpour, Omid Tavakoli, Samira Ghiyasi, Mohammad Reza Saeb, Rafael Borja


In the present research, an annular photocatalytic reactor system was designed and operated to quantify the degradation of a real case chemical company wastewater. The photocatalytic degradation process was analyzed and optimized varying some critical operating variables such as pH, catalyst (TiO2) loading, H2O2 concentration (oxidant agent) and light intensity to find the best criterion warranting a high level of degradation. It was demonstrated that a pH of 7.0 and an amount of 2.0 g/L ofTiO2 resulted in a cleanup allowable level for discharge to river. Furthermore, photo-degradation by H2O2/TiO2/UV process was much more efficient (97%) with respect to the processes carried out individually by H2O2/UV(92%) orTiO2/UV (89%). It is remarkable that the optimum concentration of H2O2 was 11.6mM, and increasing the intensity of light accelerated degradation reaction. Careful selection of industrial wastewater reflected the capability predicting the level of contamination of wastewaters. 

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