Source Apportionment of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in Shallow Groundwater Around A Fluorine Chemistry Industrial Park in North China

Hao LU, Zhen-min MA, Xiao ZHANG, Peng JIANG, Ming WEN, Wei-wei YU


In this study, 42 shallow groundwater samples were collected from the study area and eleven PFCs were found in all samples. The concentrations of PFCs ranged from 5.87ng/L ~ 411404ng/L. PFOA is dominant in all PFCs and its detection is up to 100%. The source of the PFCs of the samples was quantitatively analyzed by factor analysis (FA). The results show that the pollution source is classified into 3 categories, namely the chemical source, paper mill source and textile source, with contribution rates 57.34%, 21.80%, 9, 34%, respectively.


Perfluorinated compounds, Source apportionment, FA, Shallow groundwater


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