Research on the Treatment of Coal Washing Wastewater by Pressureless Filtration Technology in Yidong Preparation Plant

Zhiming Ma, Jiaxing Fu


This article takes the coal washing wastewater of the Yidong Coal Preparation Plant as the research object. With the change of the raw materials to be washed, the effect of its existing treatment process is not ideal. The multi-factor response surface analysis of the four factors of PAC dosage, PAM dosage, stirring speed and stirring time was carried out, and the optimal dosage and operating parameters were obtained as PAC dosage 30.52 mg/L, PAM dosage The dose is 20.75 mg/L, the stirring speed is 407 r/min, and the stirring time is 82.5 s. Through the field industrial test, the application effect and rationality of the pressureless filtration technology are verified.


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