Quality Control of Marine Big Data for Marine Physical Property Monitoring System

Chunli Chen, Jie Zhou, Xiong Luo, Peie Zhao, Qi Fan, Xiaofeng Li, Xinfang Li, Yong Chen


To make good use of the ocean, we must know enough about it. Supported by the Ministry of science and technology of China, the marine physical parameters monitor is developed to obtain real-time marine physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, water depth, salinity, conductivity and other data. The integrated intelligent service software platform for marine physical property monitoring data is used for real-time collection, storage, historical data analysis, integrated display and other work of these data. As a part of the integrated intelligent service software platform, an improved big data quality control method which comprehensively uses the meteorological industry standards test, least square polynomial fitting, multiple regression and other technologies is proposed in this paper to improve the correct and efficient use of these real-time or historical data in terms of data inspection, correction, reconstruction and quality evaluation, etc. The existing historical data prove the effectiveness of this method.


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