Research on Operating Conditions of Electric Propulsion Ships under Transformer Interturn Short Circuit

Bo Ma, Xixiu Wu, Wenyu Ma, Qichao Zhang, Bowen Hou, Pengpeng Wan, Xiaotong Feng, Hui Hou


Most ships currently use electric propulsion systems. In this system, the transformer plays a key role in power distribution. The probability of interturn short circuit occurs in the transformer is high, it will cause faults such as three-phase voltage imbalance and endanger the safe operation of the ship. The simulation model of ship electric propulsion system established in this paper includes propellers and transformers, and the influence of the interturn short circuit of a transformer on the sailing conditions is studied. The research results show that the transformer interturn short circuit will generate a huge inrush current and have a huge impact on the torque and speed of the propeller.


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