Analysis of High Sulfur Coal Blending in Thermal Power Unit

Shuai Guo, Jiting Han, Ning Wang, Xiu Liu, Mingliang Zhao, Zhiyu Song


In recent years, affected by the rising international energy price, coal price marketization and other factors, all provinces in the country are short of electric coal, and all power plants are taking multiple measures to ensure the purchase of electric coal and ensure the safe operation of the machine team leader cycle. In order to prevent the high temperature corrosion of the water wall of the unit burning high sulfur coal tangentially fired boiler, the main measures are to optimize the operation and adjustment, optimize the distribution of air and powder, avoid strong reducing atmosphere near the wall area of the water wall, and install wall wind to make the water wall form oxidation atmosphere; The water-cooled wall is applied with anti-corrosion, anti-wear and thermal spraying to isolate the reducing atmosphere from the metal material of the water-cooled wall, reduce the sulfur content of the coal entering the furnace and reduce the generation of H2S.


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