Influence of Wind Speed and Direction on the Combustion Parameters of the Exposed XPS Insulation Wall

Lanfang Zheng, Liang Zhou, Xiangtao Jia, Xiaokang Li


Most of the fire accidents of exterior insulation in recent years started with the ignition of unprotected and exposed insulation materials. The fire spread on the thermal insulation layer will be affected by outdoor wind. In this paper, the influence of wind direction and wind speed on wall fire propagation characteristics was studied by carrying out medium sized experiments. The temperatures on the wall surface, radiation heat flux nearby, the infrared image and flame image were recorded during the tests with variation of wind direction and wind speed. It is found that with the increase of the angle between the wind direction and the wall, the surface temperature of the material, the radiation heat flux released decreases.This study results can provide valuable references for optimizing the fire safety design of exterior insulation layer.


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