Reliability Analysis of Flexible Multiple State Switch Based on Bayesian Network Method

Jiawei Wang, Haibo Zhao, Zhi Zhang, Ende Hu, Mengdi Fu, Yanhui Yang


In order to accurately establish the reliability model of flexible multiple state(FMSS) switch and excavate the weaknesses of component reliability, a method of reliability modeling of FMSS based on Bayesian network is proposed in this paper. Firstly, a multi-state reliability model is established by Markov process. Then, the Bayesian network of MMC is established. The correctness of the model is verified by examples. The reliability of SM, MMC and FMSS is calculated. The influence of submodule redundancy on FMSS is analyzed. The weak link of FMSS is analyzed. The research results in this paper can provide support for the application of FMSS in distribution network.


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