Calculation and Optimization of Volumetric Efficiency of Aviation External Gear Pump

Jing Ma, Yuan Xu


The power consumption of aviation gear pump has a direct impact on the performance of aero-engine. To improve the efficiency of aviation external gear pump, this paper analyses the leakage of gear pump, and calculates the leakage of axial, radial clearance, gear face meshing clearance, and the elastic loss of liquid compression. Mathematical models of volumetric efficiency are established including the effect of temperature and pressure. Comparing the theoretical value with experimental results, the effectiveness of the models is verified with the error less than 5%. On this basis, the design variables of gear pump are optimized with the maximum theoretical displacement as the optimization objective function. The simulation results show significant volumetric efficiency improvement of the external gear pump. And some suggestions on actual products design and analysis in the aviation fuel device are proposed accordingly.


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