Analysis of Problems in Application of "Mine Ventilation" Project Teaching

Lianghui Guo, Wenting Jia


In order to better improve the quality of teaching, from the original teacher-centered to student-centered transfer, it is urgent to carry out the reform of teaching methods and methods. Taking the course of "mine ventilation" as an example, this paper studied the problems existing in the process of implementing project-based teaching, and put forward reasonable and feasible Suggestions according to the problems. This paper discussed the necessity of carrying out project-based teaching research in the course of "mine ventilation". The traditional teaching way and the effect of project teaching method has carried on the contrast analysis, the results show that the project teaching in the course of "learning" of mine ventilation applications have more advantages than the traditional teaching way, mainly reflected in the student's study enthusiasm, significantly improve grades, hands-on practice ability and problem solving skills, etc. This paper analyzed three problems of project-based teaching and put forward corresponding solutions.


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