Optimization Algorithm Study of Operation Energy Consumption in Water Flooding System

Yongliang Ren, Shuwei He, Minzheng Jiang, Sheng Gao, Kai Sun, Guopeng Zhang, Yan Wang, Ruijie Zhang


Oilfield flooding is one of the methods which replenish energy to stratum, improve the recovery factor of oil exploitation in the development of oilfield. The energy consumption of water injection is also part of the totle energy consumption. Oilfield flooding is one of the methods which with the great mass oilfields that in China have entered the later development period, the cost of oil exploitation is rising, and the water injection in the same way. It is an effective way to reduce the cost of water injection by using computer technology to optimize operation control of oil field water injection system. Water injection system analyzed in this paper is suitable by combining multiple centrifugal pump and frequency converter in the composition of water injection station as the water system, optimization mathematical model is established for water injection system, using c++ optimization software is compiled, selects the improved constrained variable dimension method was used to solve the model, the optimization result is applied to a production plant of daqing oilfield water injection system. After adopting the optimized pumping measures, the system efficiency is increased by 1.8% when meeting the water injection requirements, and the operation cost is saved by about 10,000 RMB per day, which reduces the production cost of the oilfield.


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