Numerical Simulation of Thermal Performance for the Reaction Tubes in a Miniaturized Methanol Synthesis Reactor

Kai Xiong, Yongli Yin, Yong Cao, Xiaotian Liu


The reaction of methanol synthesis via hydrogen and carbon dioxide which has a broad application prospect in the energy field should be carried out in a reasonable temperature range. Thus, a comprehensive thermal analysis under different work conditions for the reaction tube which is the really reaction place in the miniaturized methanol synthesis reactor is of great significance to its temperature control and thermal design. In this paper, the thermal analysis models of reaction tube in methanol synthesis reactor via hydrogen and carbon dioxide are established, through numerical simulation, the thermal performance results which include the molar ratio of methanol synthesis and temperature distribution inside reaction tubes changing with the reaction tube diameter, inlet gas temperature, and space velocity are obtained. Based on the results, the change laws of the methanol synthesis molar ratio and temperature distribution change with the three parameters are summed, which provide a reference to the thermal design and working conditions setting for the miniaturized methanol synthesis reactor of hydrogen and carbon dioxide.


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