Simulation Analysis of Emulsion Droplet Excited by Chaotic Frequency Pulse Electric Field

Zhixiang Liao, Haifeng Gong, Ye Peng


The frequency of the chaotic pulse electric field is random in a limited range, which can be adjusted and controlled, thus can effectively cover the harmonic resonance frequency of the droplets in the oil, and realize the efficient coalescence and demulsification of the droplets. In this study, the chaotic frequency pulse electric field is constructed by embedding the chaotic sequence into the pulse interval with the Chaotic-Pulse-Position Modulation method, and the vibration dynamics simulation model of the emulsion droplet in the chaotic frequency electric field is established. The vibration dynamics response of the emulsion droplet under the action of the chaotic frequency pulse electric field is obtained by numerical calculation, and the dynamic analysis, phase diagram analysis and maximum Lyapunov exponent calculation of the response output are carried out. It is found that under the action of chaotic frequency pulse electric field, the emulsion droplet can obtain large tensile deformation at high frequency, but relatively small at low frequency, and the fluctuation is stable, which can qualitatively and quantitatively identify the chaotic vibration characteristics of the droplet.


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