Coordinated Control of Independent Microgrid Based on SOC Deviation Rate

Keke Liu, Guoqing He, Weisheng Wang, Guanghui Li, Yanxia Sun, Junhua Ma, Liping Gao, Xing Zhang, Caiyun Gao, Yong Zhang, Qi Zhang


System failure due to high failure rate of independent microgrid energy management system (EMS) in high altitude and cold area, considering the difference in charge state (SOC) between multiple energy storage devices in the system, a power coordinated control strategy based on the SOC deviation rate of energy storage devices is proposed, adjust the output power of the energy storage converter according to the difference in SOC of each energy storage device, reduce the difference in SOC of each energy storage device, after the system EMS fails, the operation status of the energy storage equipment is consistent to ensure the normal operation of the system. The RT-LAB simulation platform is used to establish a simulation model and design a digital control system. The control system can quickly carry out power coordination control according to the SOC state of energy storage devices, so it makes the devices output power differently according to the SOC level, reduces the SOC difference of energy storage devices, makes the devices SOC reach the same, and verifies the feasibility and effectiveness of the coordination control strategy.


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