An Approach to Employing Speed Dependences of the Pressure Loss in Filter-Matrixes to Diagnose the Transitional Regime of the Flow

Darya SANDULYAK, Anna SANDULYAK, Vera Ershova, Alexander SANDULYAK, Michael KONONOV


The paper analyses the data on pressure differential p in a layer of balls loading (of the matrix), the statistics varying with the speed of filtration and the balls diameter. Employing the solid approach to generalization, we obtained explicit reference to critical (transition) value of the Reynolds number (Re=60-80). Alternatively to the recognized universal expression for p, the article provides individual expressions of p fair for laminar and post-laminar flow regimes respectively. The paper features a comparative analysis of different options for considering the filtering media porosity impact.


Balls loading, Pressure differential, Speed of filtration, Balls diameter, the Reynolds number, Porosity of the loading



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