26 Cases of Intractable Membranous Nephropathy Glucocorticoid Combined Gilad Amine Clinical Curative Effect Observation

Si-Qi ZHANG, Rui-Si XU, Jian YIN


To study the clinical effect of glucocorticoid combined with thalidomide in the
treatment of refractory nephrotic syndrome with membranous nephropathy. Methods: the pathological for membranous nephropathy of 26 patients with refractory nephrotic syndrome, glucocorticoid + gilad amine 50 mg 2 times/d, to turn the urine protein application again after 12 weeks after the reduction of 50 mg, l/d, maintain half year outage. The invalid was given a maximum of 24 weeks to stop the drug. The observation time was 24 weeks. Results: 24h urine
protein decreased from 9.15 ±3.23 to 1.43±1.91 (P<0.01).Plasma albumin rose from 26.02 ± 6.75 to 35.57 ±4.02 (P<0.01). In most cases, the onset time was between 8 and 16 weeks, with a total relief of 30.77% in 24 weeks and 50.00% in partial relief, with a total effective rate of 80.77%.The main side effects are: rash, lethargy, fatigue, dizziness. No liver and kidney damage, bone marrow suppression. Conclusion: thalidomide combined with glucocorticoid is effective in the treatment of membranous nephropathy, with mild side effects, which provides a new way for the treatment of refractory membranous nephropathy.


Thalidomide, Refractory nephrotic syndrome, Membranous nephropathy


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