A Comparison of the Effect of Caebetocin and Ergonovine Combination with Oxytocin in Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage

Cong YE, Yu-Bo HU, Jun-Rong WANG


Objective To comparison of the effect of caebetocin and ergonovine combination
with oxytocin in Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage. Methods:120 full term pregnant women in the China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University were selected as the subjects of this study from June 2015 to December 2017.It was divided into the observation group (Group A) and the control group (Group B)according to the random digital table method, with 60 pregnant women in each group. Record the general information of pregnant women, the amount of bleeding of parturients, 2 hours and 12 hours after delivery and the change of
hemoglobin, the times of contraction, the systolic pressure, and the diastolic pressure. Result There was no statistically significant difference in the general data (age, gestational week, birth weight) between the two groups of parturients. The amount of bleeding, the change of hemoglobin and the number of uterine contraction in the observation group were significantly better than those in the control group, P<0.05. . There was no significant difference in systolic and diastolic pressure between the two groups, P>0.05. Conclusions: The effect of using carbetocin to prevent postpartum hemorrhage is more significant than ergonovine
combination with oxytocin, and can guarantee the safety of mothers, improve maternal
prognosis, it is worthy of clinical application.


Ergonovine, Oxytocin, Caebetocin; Postpartum Hemorrhage


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