Action Video Games Influence on Audiovisual Integration in Visual Selective Attention Condition

Yu-Lin GAO, Sheng-Hao ZHANG, Yang ZHANG, Ming-Xin WANG, Yu-Xuan Li1, Zhen-Ni WANG, Yu-Chen LIU, Ke-Xin LIU, Ruo-Nan CONG, Yu-Bo HU, Cong YE


Visual and auditory stimuli filled every hole and corner of our lives. Audiovisual
(AV) integration is an important cognitive capability involved in individual information processing. Previous researches show that the experience of playing action video games (AVG) will influence cognitive function. However, it is still unknown that whether the experience will affect AV integration processing function. We compared the AV integration processing function differences between Game Players and Non Game Players in visual selective attention condition. The results show Game Players’ level of AV integration function
is lower than Non Game Players’, which means the experience of playing AVG will affect our audiovisual integration processing function.


Action video games, Audiovisual integration, Visual selective attention


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