Analysis of Medicinal Value of Paulownia Flower

Hui-Yuan HUANG, Ming-San MIAO


Paulownia flower contains flavonoids, triterpenoids, volatile oils, amino acids,
proteins, tannins, phenols, trace elements and has the effect of detoxification, detumescence, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, antibacterial and enhancing immunity. It has a good therapeutic effect on upper respiratory tract infection, bacillary dysentery, bronchial pneumonia, acute tonsillitis and conjunctivitis, otitis externa. The Paulownia flower is rich in resources, low price, but the market on Paulownia flower products rarely, lead to the Paulownia flower should
not be fully applied, resulting in a waste of resources. For the comprehensive utilization of Paulownia flower, the flower of Paulownia chemical composition, pharmacological effects, clinical application, literature research into Line review.


Paulownia flower, Chemical constituents, Pharmacological action, Application


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