An Analysis of Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability and Patent of Invention in Chinese Universities



This paper analyzes the Chinese universities’ scientific and technological innovation ability from the aspects of patent output ability, patent transfer ability and patent licensing ability, based on the data source of publications and statistics of State Intellectual Property Office from 2008 to 2016. Colleges and universities’ patent output capacity growth is most obvious, patent transfer ability is inferior to that of patent output capacity growth, while the patent licensing capacity does not change much. The ability of patent output in colleges and universities is obviously stronger than the ability of patent transfer and patent licensing ability, and patent transfer ability is better than patent licensing ability. There still exists a big gap in scientific and technological innovation ability between our China’s colleges and universities and those of developed countries. The problems of Chinese universities’ scientific and technological innovation are mainly reflected in patent quality, university management and patent system. To enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation in colleges and universities, we can proceed from the aspects of patent transformation recognition, the formulation of incentive policies, the cultivation and protection of high-value patents, the improvement of service invention system, and the construction of patent conversion promotion mechanism.


University, innovation ability, exploitation of patents, countermeasure



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