Topology Robust Study in Multiple Cloud Computing Environment



In order to realize the optimization of multi database environment index of cloud, it needs to construct index topology, and robustness of the proposed control, depth first traversal mechanism in cloud computing environment index design method based on robust topology. Constructing adaptive robust multilayer routing detection protocol, build cloud computing database the index under the load balance topology control node distribution model, through the transmission cost function of intra cluster and inter cluster index, quantitative equation to build cloud computing node topology multi database environment, quantitative analysis of the quantitative recursive equation, realize the accurate positioning of topological node deployment, and uses the depth first traversal mechanism and the minimum hop count routing method to design robust topology structure, improve the ability of cloud computing database multilayer index environment. Experimental results show, this method is used to design index topology, which improves the efficiency of database multi index, improves the timeliness of database access and the accuracy of data retrieval.


Cloud computing environment; multi index; topology; robustness



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