The Design of Ground Operation Control System for Spark Satellite



In recent years, with the development of space technology, China aerospace industry development is facing the trend of the development of civilian, especially for the small satellite and the application of satellite data will be used in the industrial market growth space is the largest and most promising parts. This paper will be the background of spark satellite, according to its own requirements and then analysis of the current integrated satellite ground control system operation characteristics, and based on the multi-satellite multi-task, the design idea and implementation strategy of the integrated operation of the ground-based control system of the spark satellite are presented by using the real-time satellite data. The use of satellite data fusion approach, more accurate for the ground control system services, and ultimately to the task planning command and control strategy based on the use of configuration parameters with mobile variable, graphical interface intuitive operation and display, intelligent and fast task Instruction sequence and configuration parameters generated by the system for the spectrum of spark satellites in orbit to provide fast, simple, intelligent ground task support. Through the system design, that is for the follow-up small satellite constellation ground operation control system and the data fusion between the satellite and ground to provide a generic prototype reference.


Ground Operation Control System, Graphical, Satellite data, Data Fusion



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