Passenger Route Identification of Rail Transit Based on AFC Data



In view of the problem of passenger route identification in the complex urban rail transit network, taking into account that the IC card only records passenger's travel time, the entry and exit station information, without recording the specific information of the stations they passed, therefore, to infer passenger's travel route, a passenger route identification scheme based on AFC data is designed in this paper, which based on the analysis of the main factors influencing the passengers' route choice and their route choice behavior. Firstly, the collected AFC data was preprocessed; Secondly, according to the main factors influencing passenger's route choice, the most possible routes were screened out; Then the time training between entry and exit stations was carried out, and passengers' travel routes were selected according to the entry time and exit time; Finally, taking the Chongqing rail transit network as an example, the route identification scheme designed in this paper was verified by actual survey data. The result shows that the accuracy of route identification was 76.2%, and the travel route obtained by the scheme has high accuracy , which proves the feasibility of the scheme.


Prediction model Track IC card, Data mining, Path identification, K shortest path



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