Big Data Evolution Monitoring Service of the Science and Technology Public Opinion in Self-media



Lagging problem of libraries and digital libraries exists widely in science and technology literature services. The fundamental reason is that the process of writing and publishing traditional documents such as papers, writings and research reports is lengthy and slow, which cannot meet the scientific and technical personnel too quickly and effectively access to the latest areas of scientific research needs. In recent years, the significant scientific and technological strategies, major science and technology project plans, important scientific and technological research reports in Europe and the United States as the object of science and technology information service platform also have a long delay-period. This paper proposed to explore the treasure information of scientific and technological in self-media, to take use of the advantages in timeliness to build a new idea based on science and technology public opinion evolution monitoring services, and strive to provide the research status, trends and information quickly, timely and accurately.


Self-media, public opinion monitoring, digital library



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