Research on Resource Scheduling Strategy in University Private Cloud



The emergence of cloud computing has brought new revolution for higher vocational education. Network virtualization based on cloud technology leads to tremendous innovation of the traditional teaching model and diversified web virtual teaching can be achieved by the use of virtualization technology. Moreover, private cloud in school could effectively implement open teaching and research work and make up for the shortage of facilities as well as reduce the working strength of school operation. Existing learning system has been perfected by virtualization technology. As an application of cloud computing, private cloud in school needs to deal with huge amount of data, and meet the high demand for resource scheduling. In this paper, the cloud computing technology based on the study of resource scheduling algorithm is researched; the feasibility of ant colony algorithm applied to cloud task scheduling is analyzed; the basic strategy for resource scheduling algorithm in cloud environment is proposed; the training of cloud system with high availability and load balancing is worked to be implemented. This work may provide some useful ideas for further research.


Private Cloud, Virtualization, Resource Scheduling, ACO Algorithm



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