Research and Simulation of GPS Navigation Signals



There are most important strategic significance in our country as well as the carrier rocket, ballistic missiles, the development of the manned space engineering that GPS signal simulation of satellite navigation system has. The structure and principle of GPS navigation and positioning signal were discussed in detail in this paper, with practicality as the starting point, the navigation message is transmitted by the use of pseudo random noise code phase-modulated signal, and the method of direct sequence spread spectrum modulation system is used to simulate the signal of GPS satellite orbit based on the MATLAB/Simulink platform. Then the simulation research and analysis of C/A code and P code in the frequency domain and time domain with it`s correlation is carried on, at the same time, the C/A code frequency domain is captured by using the fast Fourier transform method (FFT).finally the space transmission characteristics of GPS signal is simulated under Gaussian is show that the simulation result is close to the theoretical value, and the accuracy is better.


GPS; MatLab; Pseudo-random noise code; FFT; Gaussian noise



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