The Evaluation Model of Anti-counterfeiting Technology Based on AHP

Huiran Lu, Jie Liu, Qian Wu


On e-commerce trading platform, the growing number of fake and shoddy goods is rooted in the producers. In this paper, we firstly study the market demand and model background of the network anti-counterfeiting, and then explore the bottlenecks in its development. Then, according to those bottlenecks we establish a quantitative enterprise anti-counterfeiting technology evaluation model, transforming the needs of enterprise into a mathematical problem, and put forward an optimal solution for enterprises choosing anti-counterfeiting technology. The conclusions are as the following: (1) When enterprises choose anti-counterfeiting measures, they should be based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. (2) When it comes to the anti-counterfeiting process, enterprises should strictly follow the "five-step" strategy, and realize real-time security information tracking based on the best technology.


Anti-counterfeiting bottleneck, Technology demand, Technology evaluation, AHP



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