Power Flow Calculation of Weakly Meshed Distribution Network with Distributed Generation Considering Static Load Characteristics



Considering the static characteristics of loads, a power flow calculation method for various distributed generations and weakly meshed networks is proposed. For the PV node, the reactive power initial value is determined by the principle of reactive power allocation, and the compensation device is used for power correction. Analysis of meshed network, the weakly meshed network is divided into the pure radiation network and the pure meshed network at the ring closing point. The voltage difference matrix of electromagnetic loop untying node and loop impedance matrix based on superposition method is established to get the loop current. Only one layer iteration is applied, which reduces the calculation times and saves the computation time. Through simulations in the IEEE33 distribution system access to all kinds of distributed generation and multiple weakly meshed network, the results show that the algorithm has fewer iterations and shorter convergence time.


Distributed generation, Weakly meshed network, Static load characteristics, Superposition principle, Power flow calculation



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