Mining on the Air Pollutants Association Rules of Lan-Xi-Yin Urban Agglomeration



Based on the high-frequency AQI data, this paper analyzed the air pollution laws of Lan-Xi-Yin urban agglomeration from the perspective of air quality grade distribution, the primary pollutant and pollutants' daily variation.Then it used the APRIORI algorithm to excavate the rules of pollutants. The results show that the overall air quality of the Lan-Xi-Yin urban agglomeration is better than that of national average,and PM10 and O3 are the primary pollutants. The air quality in summer and autumn is obviously better than that in winter and spring. In addition to O3, the fluctuations of PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2 and CO are both bimodal within a day, 9:00 -12:00 and 21:00 -23:00 are the concentration’s high period; APRIORI algorithm finds 18 high confidence PM2.5 rules in total. According to the results of excavation, we should pay attention to the concentration of CO. The air pollution control of the urban agglomeration can start from the source of CO due to the homology characteristics of pollutants.


AQI Index, Lan-Xi-Yin Urban Agglomeration, Primary Pollutant, Data Mining.



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