Experimental Study on Corn Diesel Mixed Fuel Macro Spray Characteristics and Emission Characteristics



This article is to verify that corn oil diesel blended fuel can be used instead of diesel fuel on agricultural diesel engine. It is also proved that the fuel can have better atomization and emission characteristics when used. In order to make the aging grain have a new way of industrial utilization. The basic physical and chemical properties of corn oil diesel blended fuel were measured by the basic test method. The spray characteristics of the blended fuel were tested by a spray test rig. Emission characteristics of blended fuel were tested by engine test bench. The experiments show that the corn oil diesel blend fuel has good solubility, good spray characteristics and good emission characteristics. This blended fuel can be used as an alternative fuel for small agricultural diesel engines. At the same time, it provides a train of thought for the industrialized utilization of aging grain.


Corn diesel mixed fuel, Spray characteristics, Emission characteristics.



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