Trimode Smart Charging and Real Vehicle Characteristics Investigation for Solar-electric Vehicles



Because of the increasingly serious problems of environmental pollution and non-renewable energy shortage, in recent years, the world has been vigorously developing new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. Electric vehicles with solar energy as an auxiliary energy source can reduce the demand for power generation and charging stations for excessive electric vehicles during peak hours. In the present study, a solar electric vehicle was built, in which batteries and solar panel jointly provided power for car operations. In order to ensure that the electricity of solar panel can be safely and continuously supplied to the motor, this paper designed an intelligent charging controller with three work mode to connect the solar panel and batteries. Through reasonable charging strategy, this technology can maximize the use of solar energy, and ensure the safety and service life of the battery. Real vehicle test results show that the solar intelligent charging technology has obvious effect on the expansion of vehicle endurance, and also show that the integration of solar panel into the body design is an effective means to deal with the energy crisis in the future.


Electric vehicles, Solar photovoltaic, Smart charging, Renewable energy, Energy management.



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