Modeling of Heavy Metals’ Emission Reduction in Nickel-Molybdenum Ore Nesting Zone in Cili County, Hunan Province

Zhuang LI, Xiao-jun LV, Jin HUANG


In order to further strengthen the heavy metal pollution prevention and control work, specification development of Zhangjiajie Nickel-Molybdenum iron industry, the largest Nickel-Molybdenum ore of Hunan province, Cili county as the study area, to yield maximum Nickel-Molybdenum industry development, has developed a modeling heavy metals’ emission reduction in Nickel-Molybdenum ore nesting zone in Cili county, Hunan province, including factors such as the different production methods of Nickel-Molybdenum (mining, mineral smelting) and production yield, processing efficiency of pollutant emissions and pollutants processing equipment, for more than ten enterprises within the jurisdiction of the regulation requirements, to achieve the emission reduction of heavy metal pollutants, to ensure the discharging standard.


Nickel-molybdenum, Ore nesting zone, Heavy metals’ emission reduction



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