Analysis of the Evaluation for High-top Tourism Development in Hainan under the Background of Free Trade Port Construction—Based on the Application of High-top Tourism Development Evaluation Standard System

Xian-xian WU, Hong-jun FAN


Improving the high-top tourism service capacity is an important requirement for the construction of Hainan free trade port and the development of innovative service industry. Based on the evaluation indexes of high-top tourism development, this paper uses the methods of quantitative research, information research and descriptive analysis to deeply analyze and evaluate the development of high-top tourism in Hainan. From the perspective of high-top tourism elements, this paper uses the application of the evaluation standard system of high-top tourism development to study and analyze the development of high-top tourism in Hainan. This paper holds idea that the development of high-top tourism in Hainan has unique advantages in market, industry, investment and environment, and has broad prospects for development. In the future, the focus of Hainan's high-top tourism development lies in adjusting the supply structure of high-top tourism, improving the management of high-top tourism, focusing on the key points, making up for the weaknesses and strengthening the weak points, so as to help Hainan's high-top tourism develop in an all-round way.


High-top Tourism, Hainan Free Trade Port, Evaluation Standard System of High-top Tourism Development.


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