An Empirical Study on the Determinants of Resident Savings Balance in China

Jia-huan ZHU


This is an empirical paper that explores the factors affecting the change in the savings balances in China. After extensive reading of existing studies, we will use the WLS regression model to conduct a regression analysis of several classical factors affecting the change in the savings balances and the new factors proposed in this paper, based on the reality of Eastern-Western differences in China. We provide evidence that six variables out of the eight factors we study are strongly correlated with the change in the savings balances. Further, we find that except for the Child dependency ratio, the other five variables are positively correlated with the change in savings balances. The purpose of this paper is to encourage the market to adjust development strategies, the government to adopt more targeted policies, and the society to give strong help to better guide residents' savings behavior by analyzing the factors that affect the change in savings balances at a macro level.


Savings Balances, Eastern-Western China Difference, Social-economical Situations


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