Design and Implementation of Personnel Management Information System Based on SSM

Qi-liang SUN


Personnel management is a series of management activities for the company to select, use, train, evaluate, reward and punish its employees. The personnel management information system designed and implemented in this paper integrates the functions of batch import of information, instant update of personnel information, position transfer, information inquiry and statistical analysis. This system is oriented to various users such as managers at all levels of small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions. In this paper, using the aspect-oriented programming, Inversion of Control features of the Spring framework, using spring MVC model and using the ORM (Object Relational Mapping, Object Relational Mapping) feature of MyBatis, using B/S architecture and MySQL database, with high scalability, high refactorability as the design goal, designs and implements an Personnel Management Information System. The system builds a personnel database covering more than 20 information about personnel's basic information, education background, and positions, and realizes functions such as batch import of information, instant update of personnel information, job transfer, entry management, resignation management, information inquiry and statistical analysis. At the same time, it is ensured that these functions will not be illegally operated by users without authority, so that the system has higher security. This system provides an integrated solution for the informatization of personnel management and has high practical and commercial value.


Software Engineering, SSM Framework, Personnel Management Information System, Spring MVC Mode, Database Design, Software Testing


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