Research on Improving the Capacity of NGOs to Undertake Government Purchase of Public Services Based on 7S Model

Teng-fei LIU


Under the background of government purchasing public services (GPPS), the development of NGOs faces new opportunities and challenges. To promote the development of NGOs and optimize the quality of public services. This paper analyzes the internal problems of NGOs undertaking GPPS, such as structural mismatch, low employee autonomy, high mobility and lack of professionalism, and government departments in the GPPS management loopholes, unclear regulatory responsibilities, inadequate supervision and other external factors. With the help of 7S model, this paper puts forward that the government provides a good cooperation environment for NGOs to undertake public service projects by changing management mode, strengthening system construction and training employees. NGOs define their own positioning by formulating strategic planning, matching the demand structure of public services, improving working methods, and updating service concepts. The government and NGOs work together to achieve the win-win goal of optimizing public service quality and promoting the development of NGOs.


Public Services, Government Purchase of Public Services, NGOs, 7S Model


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