Study on the Influence of Expressway Development on Urban Accessibility in Guizhou Province

Yi-lin ZHANG, Yu ZHANG, Rui DING, Yi-ming DU, Ting ZHANG, Tao ZHOU


The construction and development of the expressway network has far-reaching significance for the economic growth of Guizhou Province. In this paper, ArcGIS was used to calculate the nodal accessibility, daily accessibility and regional average accessibility of the expressway network in Guizhou Province, and the evolution of the spatial pattern of accessibility under the influence of expressways in Guizhou Province from 2012 to 2019 was analyzed through three different dimensions of accessibility indicators. The results show that with the continuous construction of expressways, the accessibility of the whole province continues to improve. Guiyang, as the provincial capital city, improved the accessibility of expressways the most during the last 7 years. However, due to the inequality of resources, there are still spatial differences in traffic capacity between cities and cities. Among them, Tongren and Xingyi have a small increase in the accessibility of expressways from 2012 to 2019, and the traffic conditions of Tongren and Xingyi are in the inferior position of the whole province.


Expressway, Node Accessibility, Daily Accessibility, Regional Average Accessibility


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