Research on the Internet Plus Promoting Tax Law Reform and Innovation in the Era of Big Data

Quan TAO


In the era of big data, it is particularly necessary to use Internet plus technology to promote tax law teaching reform and innovation. This paper analyzes the current situation, points out the existing problems, and puts forward specific measures for Internet plus promoting tax reform and innovation in the era of big data, so as to facilitate the reform and development of tax law teaching in Chinese universities. In the era of big data, with the rapid development of computer technology and the continuous improvement of Internet plus, people's lives have entered the information society. People are increasingly demanding information, big data has become a hot term, and infiltrate into various industries. Nowadays, science and technology are developed, big data information is unblocked, people communicate more closely, life is more convenient, big data is the product of high-tech era.“ Internet plus” is the new form of Internet development under the innovation, which promotes social and economic entities and becomes a platform for reform, innovation and development. Internet plus relying on Internet technology to integrate Internet and traditional industries, optimize production factors and restructure business models to achieve economic transformation and upgrading, give full play to the advantages of the Internet, upgrade industrial productivity and increase social wealth by upgrading industries. Through the characteristics of openness, equality and interaction, the Internet uses big data analysis to transform the traditional industrial model and enhance the power of economic development, so as to promote the healthy and rapid development of national economy [1]. Based on the background of Internet plus in the era of big data, this article discusses the development and innovation of tax law teaching reform in our country. It expects that the traditional tax law teaching mode can help students integrate new teaching and big data technology with the help of big data technology and Internet plus platform, and better train new talents suitable for the big data era. It is a contribution to the construction and economic development of "double first-class" in universities in China.


Big Data, Internet Plus, Tax Law, Educational Reform


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