Anti-Corruption Mechanism of Social Media



The advent of the Internet era has increased the ways for people to participate in political life and online media has become a force that cannot be ignored in fight against corruption. How to use social media for effective online anti-corruption constitutes a major problem. Based on the Multi-value set analysis method, this article analyzes the anti-corruption cases that have occurred on social networks from 2008 to the present. A total of three invalid paths and seven effective paths for Internet anti-corruption are obtained. The path is more effective that whistleblower has direct contact with the officials and the officials at the bureau rank. The whistleblower has no contact with the officials and the official’s rank is at low level, which is more likely to fail. The future development direction is to use technology to empower anti-corruption and to carry out anti-corruption through emerging social media. The government should take an institutionalized path to promote the sound operation of online anti-corruption.


Social Media, Anti-Corruption, QCA


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