Empirical Study on Reform and Innovation of Tax Law Talent Training Mode in Universities in the Context of Internet Plus

Quan TAO


With the continuous development of Internet plus information technology and the continuous changes of the economic market environment, the traditional tax law talent training mode can no longer meet the new standards and requirements. In this context, this paper studies the reform and innovation of tax law talent training mode in universities, first it reviews the literature, then points out the relevant significance, and applies the principal component analysis method for analysis, and finally puts forward the relevant measures. Internet plus is the new form of Internet development under the innovation, and it is the new form of economic and social development promoted by the evolution of the Internet form promoted by innovation of knowledge society. The combination of Internet plus tax law talent cultivation and innovation mechanism is conducive to promoting the national tax system reform and upgrading of industrial structure, and promoting the continuous evolution of economic form, thereby promoting the vitality of social economic entities, and providing a broad platform for reform, innovation and development[1]. Under the background of Internet plus, Chinese higher education needs to train more talents for tax law practice suitable for economic development, and promote reform and innovation of tax law teaching mode and personnel training mechanism.


Internet Plus, Tax Law, Training Mode, Innovate


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