A Method of Lowering the Temperature Rise of the Strain Clamp NY - 300/40 Contact Component

Xinhua Zhao, Xia Wang, Jiangtao Su, Bo Li


In this paper, for the increasing temperature caused by the reason of the rising resistance from Strain clamp NY - 300/40 contact components, we propose the method of coating electric joint compound to reduce the resistance of the contact face of hardware components to solve the overheating problem. In experiment, through using the big current generator to simulate a real power system to measure the temperature changing of Strain clamp NY - 300/40 contact components contact surfaces coated electric joint compound before and after in different current (600A, 800A,1000A) in the laboratory is to analyze the changing of temperature and resistance for key points on the Strain clamp NY - 300/40 contact components interface at different positions. This research expresses the excellent effect of the electric joint compound on reducing the resistance and the temperature of the contact surface of aluminum hardware components.



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